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Top 7 Co-Working Spaces in Dubai

According to Statista, global co-oworking spaces exceed 18,700 and are projected to reach 41,975 by 2024, that’s a 21.3% annual growth!

Originally for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, co-working spaces now attract many other segments.

Covid-19 prompted office rethinking; co-working spaces became crucial to the workplace despite its footfall dip due to the pandemic.

JLL's 2021 Global Space Flex Report shows 41% surveyed tenants planned for more flexible spaces, reflecting a shift in demand.

Landlords are increasingly adding flexibility and hospitality services to portfolio locations, adapting to occupier needs; experts suggest an increased demand of 80-90% for co-working spaces post-pandemic.

In the UAE, 1.74 co-working spaces exist per 100,000 people, per Tide's 2021 study; Switzerland (2.50), Singapore (2.32), with New Zealand (2.18) taking the lead.

Dubai's technology scene is growing rapidly. This article explores the best co-working spaces in Dubai, giving tech professionals the best locations to do their best work.

Paid Co-Working Spaces:

If you're a small business owner or part of a one-person team in Dubai, the idea of renting an office space may seem intimidating and expensive.

Fortunately, co-working spaces have become an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small teams looking for an affordable and flexible workspace.

With several paid co-working spaces located throughout the city, you can simply choose the one that best suits your budget and work needs.

These shared workspaces offer various amenities and perks such as access to meeting rooms, printing services, coffee bars or even a gym!


NASAB co-working space in Dubai

Location: KOA Canvas, Dubai

Pricing: The Suite plan starts from AED 2,000/month, Resident rates from AED 1,500/month and the Nomad plan from AED 750/month.

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

NASAB was the talk of the town when it opened its doors. NASAB offered something unique, something that wasn’t just another workspace but instead one built on community and collaboration.

It offered carefully crafted workspaces within an open-air loft house architecture, allowing creativity to flow freely while connecting businesses with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Most people were happy with the service they got: 78% said it was excellent, 11% said it was great. No one had a bad or average experience. People liked how professional and helpful the staff were, as well as the amenities like a tennis court and pool. Some people were disappointed in certain things - like pricing being too high or items being lost - but overall, most people had a good experience.

2- The Bureau

The Bureau co-working space in Dubai

Location: Gold and Diamond Park Building 6 (Equiti Metro Station 1)

Pricing: AED 120 for Day Passes, AED 950 for Co-working Memberships, and AED 3000 per Month for Private Offices

Ideal for: Female Entrepreneurs

The Bureau is a unique co-working space in Dubai that was designed by women, catering to the diverse UAE community. It offers a variety of workspaces, from private offices to cozy reading nooks, accommodating various work styles.

The personal spaces include everything from a fitness studio to vanity areas, catering to the needs of members. The community and events aspect of The Bureau helps create a strong and supportive community.

The cafe and eatery, Jones the Grocer, serves healthy treats and coffee options to fuel the body and mind. The friendly staff further emphasize positivity and kindness. If you're looking for a refreshing co-working space, The Bureau might just be what you need.

What sets The Bureau apart is that it is focused on empowering women. However, men are also welcomed to join their community discussions, which are extremely engaging and relevant. This makes The Bureau a great space for anyone who wants to work or be inspired.

The community is filled with dynamic individuals who come together to promote growth and development. If you're looking for a co-working space that was designed by women for women, look no further than The Bureau.

3- Nook

Location: One JLT

Pricing: Meeting Rooms Available from AED 150 per Hour. Co-working Options: AED 60/Day, AED 250/Week, AED 1,000/Month. Offices Starting at AED 4000 per Month.

Ideal for: Professionals in the sport, fitness, and wellness industry.

Looking to start your own sports, fitness, or wellness business in Dubai?

This co-working space, located in JLT, offers the necessary resources and an enabling environment for professionals in the sports industry to thrive.

In collaboration with DMCC, Nook offers flexible pricing options with up to 70% off your company setup and residency visas for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs can also network with peers and access group studios and event areas. With flexible payment options, "Nook by DUPLAYS" is designed for professionals in the sports, fitness, and wellness industry who are looking to grow their business.

DUPLAYS has a reputation for connecting people through sports, making this a community-driven initiative worth considering.

4- WeWork

Location: One Central Dubai World Trade Centre

Pricing: Prices upon request

Ideal for: SME’s

WeWork offers flexible office solutions for businesses. Their offerings include Private Offices designed for teams, with shared amenities and conference rooms.

They are suitable for teams ranging from 1 to 20. If you prefer a personal workspace in a collaborative environment, Dedicated Desks are available. These desks are situated in lockable offices and provide access to shared amenities and conference rooms.

They cater to teams of 1 to 5. The WeWork All Access membership offers a monthly co-working experience, providing access to desks, lounges, and phone booths. It is suitable for individuals and teams.

With options for private, dedicated, and shared spaces, WeWork can accommodate your preferences. Amenities include phone booths, onsite staff, and printers, ensuring a seamless work environment.

Glass-walled offices provide privacy while maintaining transparency. They reflect both aesthetics and functionality.

WeWork has lots of activities. You can go to events, learn new things, and get healthy. This helps you meet people and grow.

5- Letswork

Location: Different locations including Rove Hotels, Social Distrikt, and Arabian Ranches

Pricing: From 399AED per month

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs, Freelancers

Letswork is an all-in-one solution for all your workspace needs. With Letswork, you have access to a range of options including co-working spaces, fully equipped offices, meeting rooms, and cafes, all in one platform.

You can easily navigate through different workspace possibilities and customize your selection based on location, pricing, and amenities.

Letswork offers flexible working arrangements with its credits system. Once you have obtained your credits, the check-in process is simple, and you can start working right away. Letswork stands out due to its flexibility, variety, and affordability. You can rent private meeting spaces for short-term use, and you only pay for the period you use. With so many options available, you can easily find a workspace that suits your preferences and requirements.

To enhance your Letswork experience, you can use the Letswork app which gives you access to exclusive perks and community events. Managing your bookings and credits is effortless thanks to the intuitive interface of the app.

6- Unbox

UNBOX co-working space in Dubai

Location Bay Square, Business Bay Dubai

Pricing: Prices upon request

Ideal for: Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Designers

"UNBOX" Community offers innovative workspace solutions that promote interaction among startups, industry leaders, and innovators. The workspace is designed to help people work together and collaborate. It doesn't matter if you're a small business, someone who works from home, or a big company. The space can be used by anyone. Taking inspiration from origami, their uniquely designed spaces create an inclusive environment.

Free Co-Working Spaces:

There are free co-working spaces in Dubai that provide a comfortable environment for solo entrepreneurs or small teams on a budget. These spaces offer facilities such as high-speed internet and coffee (not free). Co-work alongside like-minded individuals and build your professional network.

1- A4 Space

A4 Space in Dubai's Alserkal Avenue is a great spot for small businesses and solo workers on a budget. It offers all the basics you need, like fast internet, workstations, reading corners, and a cinema room for meetings.

If you're hungry, you can grab coffee and snacks from Raw Coffee Company. Plus, there's a cool upstairs area with a unique vintage bookstore, Zerzura Rare Book. You can use the space for free, just consider getting a coffee or sandwich to support them.


Dubai's co-working scene aligns with global flexible work trends. I've personally experienced various spaces including The Bureau, Nook, Let's Work, A4 Space, and Unbox. Among them, Letswork and A4 Space stand out as personal favorites due to their catering to different work styles and flexibility.

As I explore more spaces, I'll continue updating this guide to provide more options. Stay tuned for future updates as this article expands to include additional spaces, giving you a wide range of choices to match your needs.

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Altaf Ahmed
Altaf Ahmed
Oct 18, 2023

Helpful article, I got to know now where to start my freelance work. Thanks!



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