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  • Maryam Hassani

Maximize Your Networking Potential with Zeal Points

If you're using the Zealous app, you might have come across the term "zeal points" without really understanding what it means. Well, let me tell you - zeal points are a big deal on this app!

Why should you care about your zeal points? Well, the more points you have, the more exclusive features and perks you unlock.

In many video games, the concept of unlocking new features or abilities as you progress is a common practice.

For example, in the popular game Minecraft, players can earn experience points by completing certain tasks, which then allows them to access new tools and materials for building.

In League of Legends, players can earn in-game currency that can be used to purchase new characters or upgrades. The more currency you have, the more options become available to you.

This principle is similar to how zeal points work on the Zealous mobile app. As you meet with other professionals through Zealous or refer friends, you earn points that can boost your visibility and standing within the community.

Collecting zeal points can create valuable connections and opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. The more points you have, the more favorable the algorithm regards you, giving you more visibility as a valuable member of the ecosystem. This means greater chances to make meaningful connections!

So, just like in video games, having more points in the world of online networking can lead to exciting new opportunities and rewards. And with zeal points, those rewards can have a direct impact on your professional success.

Earning Zeal Points: Strategies and Actions

Simply put, zeal points are awarded based on your activity and engagement within Zealous. The more active you are - whether it's meeting people, providing feedback, or referring friends - the more zeal points you get.

Unlocking Features with Zeal Points

But what's the real payoff? It's in the features you unlock. The AI co-pilot, for instance, is an exceptional tool that can redefine how you interact within the app. It's not just about automating tasks; it's about streamlining your networking efforts. This tool can arrange appointments, summarize conversations, and even reply on your behalf, giving you more time to focus on meaningful interactions.

The Path Forward: The Evolution of Zeal Points

Looking ahead, Zealous is committed to enriching your networking experience further. We're diligently working to enhance the AI co-pilot with new capabilities, making your networking journey even smoother. Our upcoming roadmap includes innovative ways to use your zeal points, ensuring that your efforts and interactions on the mobile app are rewarded.


In the dynamic world of networking, zeal points are your secret weapon for unlocking unparalleled benefits. They go beyond being just numbers – they reflect your commitment to active engagement and meaningful relationships in the ecosystem.

Each zeal point earned is a step closer to accessing premium features, including your personalized AI co-pilot networking assistant. Zeal points make your networking journey on Zealous smoother, smarter, and more rewarding.


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