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How to Make Meaningful Connections for Better Networking Experience

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Most professionals who live in Dubai, including myself, ask this question:

"How do I make meaningful connections for a better networking experience in Dubai?"

My friend Hamza has lived in Dubai for a year now but still feels like an outsider.

He is a software engineer, and as much as he wanted to be part of the tech community here, he couldn't make meaningful connections.

At first, he thought going to events and giving out business cards would be an excellent way to network.

But after some time, it became clear that this method was not very helpful for making meaningful connections.

Every networking event felt like a wasted opportunity, and people would usually talk about boring things or have backgrounds that were not interesting to him. He sought people to help him reach his career goals and meet others with similar interests.

Networking in Dubai proved to be difficult, at least for him.

If you feel like Hamza, keep reading to learn how to get the most out of networking events.

Why Networking is Important in Dubai

Business Networking Event

Networking is talking to people and making connections. People can do this anywhere, anytime.

It helps build trust between people, which can help businesses succeed.

In Dubai, networking is everything.

It's the lifeblood of the business community, and those who succeed in this environment understand how important it is to maintain relationships through events and meetings.

Common Networking Challenges

The first time I arrived at a networking event, I was overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar faces.

My heart raced as I watched people confidently approach each other and start conversations like old friends.

As much as I wanted to join them, I couldn't summon the courage; what if they thought I was too young or inexperienced?

I stayed on the sidelines until it seemed everyone else had already connected with someone and was deep in conversation, leaving me even more isolated.

This happened again and again.

Tips for Making Genuine Connections

When it comes to networking events, you want to ensure that you make genuine and meaningful connections.

But how do you connect better with people?

After attending more than 60 events and talking to hundreds of people, I will share some tips that have been helpful to me.

First, don't just show up and expect everyone else there to be keenly interested in getting to know you.

Even if the event is for networking purposes, many attendees may not necessarily be looking for new contacts.

So start by introducing yourself with an open heart and mind – let go of expectations or preconceived notions about who you should be meeting.

Next up: listen more than talk.

Ask questions instead of going into a lengthy monologue about your life story or business background.

This demonstrates genuine interest in getting to know someone beyond their job and surface-level details – which is crucial when making meaningful connections at networking events!

Offer something valuable.

Sharing business advice or resources is a great way to demonstrate your support and offer something of value. This can also help spark further dialogue and extend the conversation!

Knowledge exchange can create stronger bonds and lead to future collaborations or partnerships even after the event has ended!

Finally, follow through on the conversations post-event.

Exchange contact information so that further discussion can occur down the road; this will help build a closer connection instead of just talking for one day.

When you go to your next event, remember these tips. If you do, you will be sure to make real connections.

Zealous Can Help You Make Meaningful Connections For Better Networking

Zealous allows users to connect with others quickly and easily.

Whether it’s a networking event or the cafe you’re working from today, Zealous provides an easy way to discover and meet people around you who reciprocate your networking goals.

If you are at an event, you can preview the profiles of the most compatible attendees before introducing yourself so that you know what topics of conversation are best suited for your encounter.

How Does it Work?

Zealous is an app for anyone looking to make meaningful connections in the tech space on the go.

You can easily install Zealous and create your personalized profile in three simple steps.

This includes adding your role, company name, and your LinkedIn profile.

You can also add your bio and conversation starters, highlighting topics you're passionate about and any exciting side hustles you're working on.

This information will help Zealous suggest people you might be interested in connecting with.

Take some time to craft a bio that highlights your interests and values. You can also add some conversation starters to help break the ice when meeting new people.

For example, add what you're passionate about or want others to ask you about. If you have a side hustle or any other projects you're working on, mention those as well.

With your profile complete, it's time to connect with others on the platform.

Zealous uses an algorithm to suggest compatible profiles to connect with around you based on your goals and interests.

You can browse these suggestions and send connection requests to those you would like to get to know better over a 20 min meeting.

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