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AI-Native Dev Tool For Medium To Large Software Companies

Cut your development costs and accelerate product growth with self-learning AI code generation.

Zealous TenX generates code by deeply understanding and analyzing references to existing functions.

Developing software should be simple, but…

Slow, error-prone processes stall your product launches, holding back your growth.

As you scale, the need for more talent drives up overhead costs, impacting your burn rate.

Sustaining high code quality becomes increasingly tough as your team grows and evolves.

Introducing Zealous TenX
 The future of AI-native software development.

TenX is an AI-native framework that empowers software developers by automating code generation and component reuse to significantly enhance and increase efficiency and output.

Reduce Overhead Costs and Increase Speed to Market: Enhance your development process to reduce expenses and accelerate your time-to-market.

Ideal for All Projects: Whether you work on small or large-scale software projects or applications, ZAIA TenX scales to meet your needs effortlessly.

Scalable with Quality Assurance: Expand your team capabilities without compromising on quality with our built-in quality assurance processes.

Explore the TenX Workspace

You’re in the driver’s seat. Save or reject AI generated code. See code updates in real-time. Build software your customers love in record time.

Build, execute, and debug your code. Includes a built-in IDE (VSCode).


Software products making professional networking easy and efficient using AI. Built with TenX

Nurture your relationships. Organize your network.
Maximize your value.

Enhance your professional networking experience


Zealous app.png

Find, meet, and stay connected with your connections on the go.


Get personalized, real-time suggestions on how to collaborate with your connections.

Improve how you network with the Connect for Real newsletter

Join 900+ professionals and founders using Zealous to maximize their network value & build deeper relationships with their professional connections.

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