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Find, meet and stay connected with your tech community at your preferred time and place.


Our algorithm ensures transparency of intentions so you can focus on making a real connection.


Our seamless scheduling process gets you from connect to a meeting without getting stuck in planning limbo.


Our human-centric design facilitates 1:1 connections around you so you never miss an opportunity to connect.

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Which persona type are you?

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You have a tech startup idea you want to develop or grow.

You could be at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or a serial entrepreneur.

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You have the technical skills to build tech startups.


You could be a developer, designer, data scientist or someone in between.

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You have the expertise to take tech startups to the next level.

You could be a marketeer, growth hacker or someone with the right network.

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You have the resources to give life to tech startups.

You could be an investor or someone with the connections to offer incentives.

Trusted by leaders in the space to power connections

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